5 thoughts to “Thoughts from Customers”

  1. Oh wow you’re back- or should I say revitalized the web page ! I had bought some Window Wonders from you for my daughter 5 years ago – she’ now 13 and still loves them. They have moved from mirrors to bedroom windows and even a shower screen, I wont be surprised if they end up on her car 5 years from now.
    It’s such a great product and they still look as new as they did on day one.
    I see you have a whole lot of new designs – well new to me anyway. I’ll definitely look to get some more soon for presents for all the nieces and nephews. Thanks Sarah

  2. Got some Window Wonders for the kids the other week – they LOVE them !! We’ll be getting some more soon for Christmas presents for all the family’s kids 🙂

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