How to Use

Window Wonders are made from a water-based, non-toxic gel paint that adheres to glass or shiny surfaces. They will always remain continuously transferable so long as they are sealed to each shiny surface, not subjected to water, paper or placed on top of each other.


Care should always be taken in extremes of temperature – in either hot or cold weather, it is suggested the product not be removed until the temperature has returned to normal.


  1. Thoroughly clean and dry the designated glass area
  2. With clean hands carefully cut bag open at side with scissors and remove the art.               Be careful not to fold as it will stick to itself! (especially in heat)
  3. Place the flat, smooth side against the glass. Press down the entire surface including all the edges then squeeze out all the air using your fingers.

Removal and Storage

Normally, you can easily peel the design off the glass, but in case it feels hard/stiff, read below.

The gel-paint is temperature-sensitive. To remove it when it does not feel flexible, warm it up by placing a very warm object against it – often the palm of your hand for a few minutes is enough. Make sure it is not a delicate cloth or paper as that can stick to it. It will soften in a minute or two and then it will be easier to peel off. Cold temperatures will make it feel stiff, as the glass surface they are on will also be cold – warming the product up first will make it more flexible and usually prevent cracking. Once removed, you may then store each one separately in a zip-lock bag. Place one only in each zip-lock bag otherwise they will stick permanently together. Also, do not put any paper or cloth in the bag with the window art as the paper/cloth will stick permanently.

The product will stretch if the temperature is hot, so if handling them when it is really warm, take care not to pull the edges out of shape.