How to Use

Window Wonders are made from a water-based, non-toxic gel paint that adheres to glass or shiny surfaces. They will always remain continuously transferable provided they are sealed to each shiny surface, not subjected to water, paper or placed on top of each other.

Care should always be taken in extremes of temperature – hot or cold.  It is suggested the product not be removed until the temperature has returned to normal.


  1. Thoroughly clean and dry the designated glass area
  2. With clean hands carefully cut bag open at side with scissors and remove the art.               
  3. Be careful not to fold as it will stick to itself! (especially in heat)
  4. Place the flat, smooth side against the glass. Press down the entire surface including all the edges then squeeze out all the air using your fingers.
  5. Lift edges gently with fingernail to transfer to another surface.

Durable to handle, easy to transfer, non-toxic so safe for even small children to have fun!